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Stony Brook HvZ Rules and Regulations



Humans vs. Zombies is a giant game of tag. All players start as Humans while one is randomly selected to be the "Original Zombie."
The Original Zombie tags Human players and turns them into Zombie players.

Once this has happened, it is up to the remaining Human players to defend themselves using socks or Nerf blasters,
while the Zombie players try to tag the remaining human players.

Below is a basic rundown of the game's rules. For a more indepth rundown, please click the following link
Current Game Rules

Core Rules

(The following rules affect all players)

1)   Players must follow all NY State Laws and Regulations.

2)   Players must follow all Stony Brook Rules and Regulations.

3)   Non-players may not interact with the game (or vice versa).

4)   No vehicles are allowed for play purposes.

5)   No play is allowed inside of buildings, off of the main campus, parking lots, roads, or at the hospital/underpass.

6)   No play is allowed at the LIRR tracks/ramp, on the train or bus, or in construction zones.

7)   No players may climb onto or jump off of any structure chest-height or higher.

8)   Players must follow the directive of a moderator in matters of safety or rules violations/concerns.

9)   Players are required to wear their bandanna and carry their SBHvZ ID with them at all times while outside (except at work, sports team
                         practice, or school events/functions). The bandanna must be visible over all clothes and accessories.

10)   Players must always act in a friendly and inclusive manner toward the campus community.

Human Rules

1)   Human players must wear their bandanna around their upper arm.

2)   Human players are allowed to carry socks or foam-dart blasters.

3)   Human players may throw socks/darts or shoot darts at Zombies as an attempt to stun them.

4)   Human players who are stunned via an NPC must take a knee for 10-H-V-Z-seconds. While taking a knee, the player must count out-loud and may not
                         interact with the game. The player is still able to be tagged by Zombie players.

5)   Human players who are tagged firmly by a Zombie player are now zombified.

6)   Human players who are tagged must provide the bottom portion (all three codes) of their SBHvZ ID to the Zombie who tagged them.

7)   Human players who become zombified must wait 15 minutes before interacting with the game.

8)   After the 15 minute incubation, the tagged player may return as a Zombie player.

Zombie Rules

1)   Zombie players must wear their bandanna around their head at all times until stunned.

2)   Zombie players who are hit with a sock, dart, or foam melee(npc only) are stunned for 10 minutes
                         (only 5 minutes between 6pm to 12am) (subject to modifiers).

3)   Zombie players must wear their bandanna around their neck while stunned.

4)   Zombie players who are stunned may stand IN-PLACE with both arms out and act as a shield for other zombies
                         for as long as they please or their stun timer expires.

5)   Zombie players who chose not to stand in place and block darts must move away from the area to wait out their stun timer.

6)   Zombie players must tag a Human player firmly (firm means that the palm of a Zombie player’s hand is resting on the Human player’s body).

7)   Zombie players may report tags on the website by using a code from the bottom portion of the ID.

8)   Zombie players must submit a “Feed Code” (code on the bottom portion of the ID) at least once every 48 hours or else they die.

Building Rules

1)   No play is allowed inside of buildings, including courtyards.

2)   Blasters (and any stocks or accessories) may not be visible inside of buildings, and must be concealed in a bag.

3)   “Door-zones” are areas that exist outside of all unlocked doors. The range of these areas is five heel-to-toe steps and an arm’s
                         reach from the door.

4)   “Door-zones” provide a temporary safety to those Human players who are entering/leaving the building.

5)   “Door-zones” are only to be used to put away/take out blasters, at which point the Human player must immediately enter/leave the

6)   Unlocked doors may not be held shut by players of either team.

7)   No buildings may be entered during missions by players participating in the mission, and thus no “door-zones” may be used during missions.

8)   Players may not stalk each other through buildings.

NPC Rules

1)   NPCs (Non-player Characters) are moderators presenting themselves as characters for missions. As such, they reserve the right to
                         act as a moderator in instances of safety/rules concerns/violations.

2)   NPCs wear white bandannas in their corresponding areas (arm for Human players, head for Zombie players).

3)   All Human NPCs stun players with their melee/ranged attacks.

4)   All Zombie NPCs stun players with their foam-melee or ranged attacks, and zombify with their tags.

5)   All NPCs are killable and are killed by pulling the bandanna(s) from their pocket(s) or by other means explain at mission briefings.

6)   NPCs give missions to players. How the missions are presented depends on the NPC (some may send a text-message/E-mail,
                         others may speak to players in person only).

Miscellaneous Rules

Blasters, Darts and Socks

1)   Darts and socks may not hurt on impact.

2)   All socks used must be clean and may contain nothing but socks and may be held together by 1 office size rubber band or single wrap of electrical tape.

3)   All modified (internal and external modifications, including paint and batteries) must be approved by a moderator for use.

4)   Blasters may not look realistic. In addition, no more than half of the blaster may be a dark color.

5)   All blasters (stock or modified) must have a blaze-orange tip.

6)   No blasters may be smaller than the size of a Nerf Maverick or Hammershot.

7)   Blowguns may be no longer than three feet long. In addition, they may not be used to shoot velcro-tipped darts.

8)   Any attempt to hit another player in the head with a shot dart will result in a strike.

9)   Zombie players are stunned should they actively touch darts or socks.

10   Any attempt to destroy or steal another player’s darts/socks will result in a ban.

11)   Moderators may collect any darts in an area without Human players in an attempt to clean up the campus.
                           Darts may be claimed from the moderators should the player’s initials be written on each dart.

Original Zombie

1)   Starting at 12:01am on the opening night, an Original Zombie (OZ) is selected from the players who placed themselves in the “OZ”-pool.

2)   This player is technically a Human until they make their first tag. As such, the OZ is allowed to carry a blaster and wear their
                         bandanna around their upper-arm.

3)   After tagging their first Human player, the OZ may continue to look like a Human player (blaster and bandanna around upper-arm) for
                         up to 15-minutes, or until stunned (whichever is sooner).

4)   At the end of the 15-minute (or stun) period, the OZ becomes a normal Zombie player and must follow all normal Zombie player rules.

Miscellaneous Rules

1)   Three strikes from any source will result in a ban from the game.

2)   Moderators are allowed to randomly check to make sure players are carrying their SBHvZ IDs. Any player caught without their SBHvZ ID
                         card will have their bandanna taken away until they return to the moderator with their SBHvZ ID card.

3)   Zombie player tags must be reported within three hours. Should a recently-tagged Human player find that they are still listed as a Human after
                         their incubation period, they may use the “Zombify Myself” button on the website. Any other use of the “Zombify Myself” button will result in a ban.

4)   Tag/player disputes can be brought to a moderator, though the moderator’s ruling is final.

5)   Missions may be told to the Human or Zombie players through text-message, E-mail, or word-of-mouth. Missions will have a direct-relation
                         to the game by increasing/decreasing future difficulty.


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