King's Guard

King's Guard

Postby ZombieKing » Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:19 am

Hi folks,

So I'm looking for a squad to join. In every game of HvZ I've played in, from the very first up til now, I've never made it to the final stand as a human. During the first two games I got turned early and went out of my way to turn the zombies into an effective infection machine, earning the title of "Zombie King", and while being a zombie is tons of fun I'd like to at least try to stay human as long as possible. That means finding a squad of people I can rely on. I know that I may very well be a liability. I have little experience playing as a human, my aim hasn't been honed by game after game of sniping zom-zoms from afar, and me being in squad may make them a target in the eyes of any zombie looking to see what got me my title. But I'm ready, willing and prepared to fight, and I know how to think like your enemies.

So... Any takers?
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